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Friday, April 8, 2016

Witch's Castle (Korean Drama) Synopsis, Trailer, and Review

Witch's Castle Korean Drama - Reading the review of a drama that you want to watch or you expect to watch, can help you to understand about the major issue that you’ll meet within the show, thus, if you consider about watching Korean Drama Witch’s Castle, ensure you read on. What you can expect from this Korean Drama? The drama will serve you with mixture of family, romance, and melodrama as part of its plot.

Korean Drama Witch's Castle
Korean Drama Witch's Castle

Witch's Castle Korean Drama

Speak of plot Witch’s Castle drama, then, it is all about the life of three women from different generations that struggle with their own personal problem that looks similar, though it is not really the case. And the fact that each of woman in the story is somehow connected, make the story even more interesting. If you want to know, the main cast Witch’s Castle drama; Shin Dong Mi as Kong Se Sil, Yoo Ji In as Yang Ho Duk, Seo Ji Suk as Shin Gang Hyun, and the last one is Choi Jung Won as Oh Dan Byul.

Witch's Castle Korean Drama Synopsis

There are some others characters around the lead characters that bring either problem or solution in their life, do you want to know more? Then, none other, but you need to watch Witch’s Castle drama to figure out the main root of their problem and how to they deal with their own problem to move on to have another good life, and will they succeed? You better find out yourself, in case you are curios. 

Synopsis, Trailer, and Review Witch's Castle

Title Korean Drama                : 마녀의 / Witch’s Castle
Previously Known as              : 당신은 나의 / 你是我的星星
Genre Witch’s C-tle                : Melodrama, Romance, Family

Episodes Witch’s Castle         : 120
Broadcast                                : SBS
Broadcast period                     : 2015-Dec-14
Air time Witch’s C-tle : Monday to Friday 19:20

Cast Witch’s Castle
Choi Jung Won - Oh Dan Byul
Seo Ji Suk - Shin Gang Hyun
Yoo Ji In - Yang Ho Duk (Dan Byul’s mother-in-law)
Shin Dong Mi - Kong Se Sil (Dan Byul’s sister-in-law)

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