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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey Korean Drama

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey Korean Drama  -  Another Korean drama that is recommended to watch, just in case you already finish your previous Korean drama list, be sure to take a look to Korean drama Sweet Home, Sweet Honey (KBS1). The story will be resolved around romance and family, that bring you tears and joy in each episode that you watch. The plot Sweet Home, Sweet Honey (KBS1) drama will take place in a life of four main characters with different background and personality. There is a woman from a destitute family that will never give up.

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey Korean Drama

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey Korean Drama

Whilst, there is another woman form wealthy family. She is smart and talented, nevertheless, she has traumatic past. Then, you will find also a guy with simple and naive mind. The last one, you also discover ambitious man that will do anything to achieve his dream, and if it is necessary, he will manipulate love to get what he wants. The cast Sweet Home, Sweet Honey (KBS1) drama that plays those mentioned characters are, Song Ji Eun as Oh Bom, Lee Jae Joon as Kang Ma Roo, Seo Yi Ahn as Choi Ah Ran, and Kim Min Soo as Ahn Tae Ho.

Expecting to know more about the rest of the story for Sweet Home, Sweet Honey (KBS1) drama, be sure that you take your time to watch, or else you will curious forever about whether the ambitious guy finally can win his dream or can the woman from that poor family can survive and stay positive about her situation. 

Synopsis, Review and Trailer Sweet Home, Sweet Honey

Title Korean Drama                                                  : Sweet Home, Sweet Honey
Chief Producer Sweet Home, Sweet Honey              : Choi Ji Young
Director                                                                       : Kim Myung Wook
Genre                                                                          : Family, Romance
Producer                                                                      : No Sang Hoon
Episodes                                                                      : 120 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast Network                                                     : KBS1
Assistant Director                                                       : Kim Min Tae
Broadcast period                                                         : 2015-Nov-02 to 2016-April-15
Screenwriter                                                                : Kang Sung Jin, Kim Mi Hee
Air time                                                                       : Monday to Friday 20:25

Cast Sweet Home, Sweet Honey
Main Cast
Oh Bom played by Song Ji Eun
Kang Ma Roo played by Lee Jae Joon
Choi Ah Ran played by Seo Yi Ahn
Ahn Tae Ho played by Kim Min Soo
Bae Gook Hee played by Choi Myung Gil
Choi Jung Ki played by Lee Young Ha
Ahn Gil Soo played by Kim Yoo Suk

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