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Friday, April 1, 2016

Recent Korean Drama You Can’t Wait to Watch in 2016

Recent Korean Drama - We are in the beginning of 2016 now and look! There are many things on the list to watch already! From the Hollywood movies, TV series, concerts, and surely the recent Korean drama that you cannot wait to watch in this 2016. Being the movie big fan you cannot just stay away from the update of the recent movie on screen. Call yourself a Korean movie lover if you cannot wait to watch the next Korean series that will be on TV soon.
The most awaited recent Korean drama lists that you should watch are:

Recent Korean Drama

Recent Korean Drama

·      Cheese in Trap
This is the story of a university girl, Hong Seol that has relationship with his senior, Yoo Jung. Hong Seol is a hardworking girl who works part time apart from her university study time because her family is very poor while her boyfriend Yoo Jung is such an athletic person with a good academic and very kind heart, but it seems like Yoo Jung has a problem that he hides his dark sides with some people against him. Yoo Jung somehow has a weird personality that in the past made the father cancelled to adopt 2 brothers for Yoo Jung because afraid that Yoo Jung upset and become abusive.
While Hong Seol is just a normal university students who tries so hard to figure out what is behind the nice and kind hearted Yoo Jung.

Recent Korean Drama You Can’t Wait to Watch

·         Madame Antoine
With the genre of comedy and romance, this recent Korean drama is already on air since the January 22nd 2016 and briefly talks about the fortune teller and café owner Go Hye-rim that claims to have a fortune telling ability from the mystical connection to the very famous French queen, Marie Antoinette. Even though basically her mystical ability to read the fortune and foresee the future is just the with a knack for following hunches and picking up on details. In the other hand Choi Soo-hyun is a psychotherapist specializing in women's psychology and known as the 'Soul Doctor'. He is very famous in Hollywood, yet the cupid never really stop by in his porch, his life experience left him with the skeptical feeling that true love in never exist. Soo-hyun is basically an eligible bachelor with handsome looks and mesmerizing education. Then his research about true love will lead him to Madame Antoine that will take a place in his survey for research of true love.

Those two are our top list of the most awaiting Korean drama in TV that we will surely wait to watch and stream it. Some of the dramas are already on air since the end of January, yet some others are still in the process and will be in reach soon. There are still some movies of recent Korean drama that you will be thrilling to watch, but do not make us open the entire curtain for you. For additional information, watching Korean movie should make you feel hungry all the time, based on the survey despite of the hip of watching stars wearing nice clothes, finding prestigious moment in the movie and daydreaming one day princess life, Korean movies are also accused for making more and more people engage with the Korean food as the movie expose the food very much and make it seems like the food is just extinguish delicious. Will the recent Korean drama do that? 

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