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Friday, April 15, 2016

My Son-In-Law’s Woman Korean Drama

My Son In Law’s Woman - Numbers of Korean dramas that are released make its enthusiast a bit confused to choose a kind of drama to watch next. However, you can consider Korean Drama My Son-In-Law’s Woman to your list. Has comedy as part of its plot, you can assume that the plot My Son-In-Law’s Woman drama is not boring. You better to watch yourself to figure out.

My Son-In-Law’s Woman Korean Drama
My Son-In-Law’s Woman Korean Drama

My Son-In-Law’s Woman Korean Drama

There is jealousy in this drama that leads to conflict between the main character and another character. In precise, the story tells you about woman that values her son in law as her own son. The story goes, and in certain moment, that guy met another woman and made their relationship official through wedding-- that is the beginning for all of the problem. As part of the drama, the cast My Son-In-Law’s Woman drama, they include; Park Soon Chun as Lee Jin Sook, Seo Ha Joon as Kim Hyun Tae, and Yang Jing Sung as Park Soo Kyung.

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Anyway, do you want to know how each of the character tackle down any problem around them? Spare your time watch My Son-In-Law’s Woman drama that is already aired started on January 4th 2016. To let you know, it has 120 episodes, you who appreciate a drama with long episodes, may find yourself content with this. But beforehand, ensure that you love comedy drama, since if you don’t it will be pointless as you can’t enjoy the show that is offered to you. What do you think?

Detail, Cast, Trailer and Review My Son-In-Law's Woman

Title Korean Drama                            : My Son-In-Law’s Woman
Director                                               : Ahn Kil Ho
Genre Korean Drama                          : Family, Comedy
Episodes My Son-In-Law’s Woman  : 120 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network                              : SBS
Broadcast period                                 : 2016-Jan-04
Air time                                               : Monday to Friday 08:30am
Cast My Son-In-Law’s Woman
Yang Jin Sung by Park Soo Kyung
Seo Ha Joon by Kim Hyun Tae
Park Soon Chun by Lee Jin Sook
Park Soo Kyung’s Family
Kil Yong Woo by Park Tae Hoe
Lee Sang Ah by Jung Mi Ja
Seo Woo Rim by Bang Yeo Sa
Jae Young’s Family
Kim Ha Kyoon as Joo Dal Soo
Jang Jung Hee as Ma Sun Young
Jang Seung Jo as Joo Jae Young

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