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Friday, April 8, 2016

Heaven's Promise (Korean Drama) Synopsis, Trailer, Cast and Review

Heaven’s Promise Korean DramaDrama lovers, are you looking for a good drama Korean to watch? If so, put Korean drama Heaven’s Promise into your list. Oh, this drama is known as well as Heavenly Woman or The Promise. Find yourself has interest in a typical serious drama with complicated plot, this one is not for you to skip. The plot Heaven’s Promise drama, it tells about revenge.

Heaven’s Promise Korean Drama

Heaven's Promise Korean Drama

Korean Drama - The story is pretty twisted actually. Love, betrayal, hope, and trust are things you repeatedly see. In short, watching this drama, be sure you are ready that your heart will be played with anger, sadness, and some. Here, someone’s sister comes back to seek avenge for those who bring despair to his beloved sister, that has identical face with her deceased sister. Now, cast Heaven’s Promise drama, you’ll meet; Song Jong Ho as Park Hwi Kyung, Park Ha Na as Jang Se Jin, Lee Yoo Ri as Lee Na Yeon, and some others. Heaven’s Promise Korean Drama

Heaven's Promise (Korean Drama) Synopsis

Heaven’s Promise - Are you curios about the end of Heaven’s Promise drama? You need to hold on, as the drama will end in June 17th 2016 based on its original schedule. But still you can start to watch the drama now to experience the twisted plot that is offered by this drama that has 100 episodes to complete. Not to mention, if you love a melodrama in a drama, this one can be one among other Korean Dramas that you may love. However, you judge it yourself after you watch it. 

Detail Heaven’s Promise Korean Drama

Title Korean Drama    : 천상의 약속 / Heaven’s Promise
Previously Known as  : 천상의 여자 / Heavenly Woman
Genre Drama               : Melodrama, Revenge
Episodes                      : 100 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast TV              : KBS2
Periode                                    : 2016-Feb-01 to 2016-June-17
Air time                                   : Monday to Friday 19:50

Chief Producer                                    : Kim Sung Geun
Producer Heaven’s Promise                : Lee Jung Mi, Kim Min Kyung
Director Heaven’s Promise                 : Jun Woo Sung
Screenwriters Heaven’s Promise         : Heo In Moo, Kim Yun Shin

Main Castt Heaven’s Promise :

Lee Yoo Ri - Lee Na Yeon / Baek Do Hee
– Park Seo Yun - Lee Na Yeon/Baek Do Hee (young)
Suh Joon Young - Kang Tae Joon
Park Ha Na - Jang Se Jin
Song Jong Ho - Park Hwi Kyung
– Jang Do Yoon - Park Hwi Kyung (young)

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