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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Best Couple Korean Drama Trailer, Cast, Review

Best Couple Korean Drama - How you will spend your next free day? Watching? If you are captivated by Korean drama, it is viable that you will enjoy Korean drama Best Couple. The drama will display romance, family and comedy as the main concern of the story. Not to mention, you will like or dislike the plot Best Couple drama, but prior you decide, make certain that you watch some of the episodes, or you can read first the review.

Best Couple Korean Drama
Best Couple Korean Drama

Best Couple Korean Drama

In short, the drama reveals about what is love and what relationship, based on the eyes of three women-- a mother and her two daughters. Through the drama you will discover about the struggle, the hassle, the fight of becoming re-married, divorced, and single women, in modern society. Interested? Beforehand, the cast Best Couple drama will be played by; Jo An as Han Ah Jung, Kang Min Kyung as Han Ah Reum, and Ha Hee Ra as Na Bo Bae. You may like this drama if you are a fan of daily life issue and it’s complexity.

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But, there are always comedy and romance in life, and you will adore Best Couple drama for that alone. Oh, don’t forget about the family part where some problems may occur like different point of view and so on. And yes, considering the plot that is brought by the drama, this one is worth watching. That said, the drama has 120 episodes to be confirmed, and as the drama is already aired last year, they are bunches episodes await you. 

Best Couple Korean Drama Detail

Title Korean Drama                : Best Couple
Producer Best Couple             : Kim Hee Yul
Also Known as                       : The Greatest Couple / Best Lovers / The Dearest Lady
Genre Korean Drama              : Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes Best Couple             : 120 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network                  : MBC
Chief Producer Best Couple   : Kim Seung Mo
Directors Korean Drama         : Choi Chang Wook , Choi Joon Bae
Broadcast period: 2015-Dec-07 to 2016-May-25
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15

Cast Best Couple Korean Drama

Ha Hee Ra as Na Bo Bae
Kang Min Kyung as Han Ah Reum
Jo An as Han Ah Jung
Assistant Directors                  : Shim So Yun, Song Yun Hwa

Screenwriter                            : Suh Hyun Joo

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